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Recruiting is changing at a rapid pace in 2014. So are the ways students are learning about your company, culture, and making decisions about whether or not to join your team. With over 9,000 student respondents the 2014 Student Survey is the largest and most exhaustive survey of its kind. A sample of some of the stats you will see inside the report include:

Report: The Biggest 2014 Internship Trends

- Google is the #1 resource for finding internships (48%)
- Personal Network is the #2 resource (43%) surpassing Career Fairs and Career Centers
- 64% now use social media in their job search
- 42% want to work at midsize companies
- 47% said work-life balance is ‘very important’ to them - especially for female candidates

Over 9,000 student respondents share their thoughts on internships and college hiring.


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